Song: Just Say The Word

Artist: Josh Kelley, Augusta, GA

Album: Just Say The Word, 2006

Notes: An effortless union of words and music, melody and script. Josh is the older brother of Charles Kelley (guitarist in Lady Antebellum) - the siblings formed a band together as teenagers called Inside Blue. Married to Katherine Heigl.

Song: A Promise Broken

Artist: Asha Ali, Ethiopia

Album: A Promise Broken (single), 2007

Notes: Well-formed lost pop/soul nugget released as a one-off single five years ago. Ethiopian born singer-songwriter (long-based in Sweden) cites her diverse musical influences as Dolly Parton, Kate Bush, Bowie, Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone. Only one EP and two albums since bowing in 2005.

Song: Moon Memory

Artist: Popcult, Denver

Album: Popcult EP, 2011

Notes: Lovely strings kissing the underbelly of this number along with positive shades of Coldplay (who are among the band's BritPop influences). A tight rock quartet fronted by Justin Renaud, some of their music is available for free at

Song: Winterlove

Artist: Parachute, Charlottesville, VA

Album: Winterlove EP, 2009

Notes: Neat lost nugget by one of the best pop rock bands to emerge from Charlottesville in recent years. Originally named Sparky's Love they switched their moniker to Parachute in 2008, and have since opened for the likes of Matt Nathanson, O.A.R. and the Goo Goo Dolls.

Song: Cry Me A River

Artist: Julie London, Encino, CA

Album: Julie Is Her Name, 1992

Notes: The evergreen torch standard (written by Arthur Hamilton for Ella Fitzgerald in 1953) but this is its most memorable version, Julie's immortal, smokey treatment from 1955 which she recorded for the Jayne Mansfield starring comedy, 'The Girl Can't Help It'.

Song: Dry Your Tears

Artist: Various Cruelties, England

Album: Various Cruelties, 2012

Notes: Strong new alt-rock offering, an atypical outing from their otherwise BritPop-tinged album which is also sprinkled with Stax and Motown influences. Indie group has only been going for a couple of years, led by Liam O'Donnell (a self-confessed mod based in London). More at

Song: Everything Is Gone

Artist: Liz Longley, Boston

Album: Inside This Song EP, 2012

Notes: One of several melodic gems housed in her new EP. The songstress is a graduate from the esteemed Berklee School of Music in Boston. The Washington Post declared that Liz is 'destined for a larger audience', even John Mayer is a fan, calling her music 'gorgeous, simply gorgeous.'

Song: Copperline

Artist: James Taylor, Boston

Album: New Moon Shine, 1991

Notes: Unmistakable simplicity and the sweet vocal style of Sir James, an acoustic, organic, woodsy, roller, a lost diamond from two decades ago. A new Christmas album by Taylor just released.

Song: Cigarettes & Truckstops

Artist: Lindi Ortega, Canada

Album: Cigarettes & Truckstops, 2012

Notes: Authentic nu-Country with a lovely broken-down rusty truck old school feel to it, though it's brand new, the title cut from her terrific new album. Lindi is a telegenic practitioner of vintage sounding Rockabilly and Country: two albums and a superb Xmas EP under her belt to date. Originally from Toronto, the Canadian songstress is now based in Nashville.

Song: Hey My Love

Artist: Evermore, New Zealand

Album: Follow The Sun, 2012

Notes: An exuberant pop-rock taster from their fifth album by the NZ band, now based in Australia. A sibling trio of Jon, Dann and Peter Hume, they took their band name from the Led Zeppelin song 'The Battle of Evermore'.

Song: Rock Away Blind

Artist: Lindsey Buckingham, Palo Alto, CA

Album: Seeds We Sow, 2011

Notes: The voice, the ever-nimble double-time acoustic guitar technique and the production, this could only be one artist. Mesmerizing cut from a largely overlooked album. Should be reunited with Stevie Nicks for a Mac reunion next year.

Song: Love You Less

Artist: Cassidy Ford, Leesburg, VA

Album: Not available, 2012

Notes: Fresh cut from a new Virginia-based singer-songwriter who's just 15, but with a remarkably mature sound. One of several fine, young tunesmiths signed to the excellent

Song: The Life Of Riley

Artist: Lightning Seeds, England

Album: Sense, 1992

Notes: Another catchy, chirpy hook-filled gem by Ian Broudie from Liverpool, England, aka Lightning Seeds - he just has that knack for writing, performing and self-producing bouncy pop nuggets. Now in his '50s, Ian still keeps his long-running combo active, but also issues solo work.

Song: Half Moon

Artist: Blind Pilot, Portland, OR

Album: We Are The Tide, 2011

Notes: Lovely horns blended into this that lost ruby, one of a couple of sterling tracks on last year's album by the indie folk duo formed in 2006 by Ryan Dobrowski and Israel Nebeker. They promoted their freshman album '3 Rounds and A Sound' by undertaking a 25-date west coast club tour traveling only on bicycles.

Song: Dance On The Record Grooves

Artist: Emily Wolfe, Austin, TX

Album: Director's Notes, 2012

Notes: Highlight cut from her delightful maiden long-player issued in February. Emily is based in the ever-vibrant music town of Austin where she can often be found performing at the Saxon Pub. Influences include the National, Radiohead and Leonard Cohen. More at

Song: Hero

Artist: Family of the Year, Los Angeles

Album: Loma Vista, 2012

Notes: Note perfect, a sweet union of top notch melodies and smart lyrics. Lost song of the year?

Song: With A Little Luck

Artist: Wings, England

Album: London Town, 1978

Notes: Super synth-bleeding smash from way back, the rarely played full nearly six-minute version with one of the best hook-filled cheesey synth bridges in pop history. A guilty pleasure but worth a revisit, Macca at his pop best.

Song: Better Side

Artist: Lady Danville, Westwood, CA

Album: Operating, 2012

Notes: Sterling energy and well-crafted harmonies on this new outing by an indie-pop trio named after Danville in California. Their influences range from Simon and Garfunkel to Death Cab for Cutie to Rufus Wainwright.

Song: The Life

Artist: Gary Clark Jr., Austin, TX

Album: Blak & Blu, 2012

Notes: An atypical soul shuffler from his otherwise blues/rock fueled latest effort (and major label debut). He's a dazzling guitarist and A+ singer, though the hype has got a bit out of control. Marketed as a newcomer, but been recording for eight years.

Song: All I Know

Artist: Art Garfunkel, Forest Hills, NY

Album: Up Til Now, 1993

Notes: Originally written by the great Sir Jimmy Webb for the film 'The Last Unicorn' (in which it was then sung by Jeff Bridges) - but exquisitely perfected here by Art Garfunkel in his second stab at the timeless overlooked ballad.

Song: Yellow

Artist: Jem, Wales

Album: From Sweetheart (various artists), 2009

Notes: A plaintive, absolute delight by the still under-appreciated Welsh songstress, Jem's restrained acoustic interpretation of Coldplay's mighty 'Yellow' - only available on an excellent Starbuck covers compilation.

Song: The Last Thing On Your Mind

Artist: Lights, Canada

Album: The Listening, 2009

Notes: Delicious poptronica with an easy sense of melody, the quirky Valerie Poxleitner who likes to go by the performing name of Lights. From her maiden album which is stuffed with similarly strong pop confections.

Song: Things That Stop You Dreaming

Artist: Passenger, England

Album: All The Little Lights, 2012

Notes: If you like Ed Sheeran, you'll like this. Few new releases contain more than couple of strong tunes at best - the latest log-player by Passenger has six and counting. Passenger aka British tunesmith Michael Rosenberg.

Song: Songbird

Artist: Jillian Edwards, Waco, TX

Album: Galaxies and Such, 2009

Notes: Engaging and beautiful vocal style with an enchanting musical sensibility, sorely overlooked songstress who should be better known. More at

Song: Long Way Home

Artist: Bello, Madison, WI

Album: Bello, 2012

Notes: Sweet three-part harmonies and a strong organic Americana folk underbelly by an unsigned trio, Mike Droho, Scott Lamps and female vocalist and violinist Ida Jo, all based out of Wisconsin. Self-described as 'simple and pure. No tricks, no fancy machines, just songs about living and loving, striving and thriving; three people baring their hearts and minds through music.' More at

Song: Madly

Artist: Tristan Prettyman, San Diego

Album: Hello, 2008

Notes: Now scoring with 'My Oh My', but it's just mad that this catchy acoustic bubbler wasn't an earlier hit. Tristan grew up around the beach and become a top surfer as a teenager before deciding to pursue a music career inspired after hearing an album by Ani DiFranco when she was 15.

Song: I Will Follow You

Artist: Nice Little Penguins, Denmark

Album: Alarmingly Happy, 2012

Notes: Breezy, peppy, '60s-inspired, retro-tinged pop-rock from a Danish group which is by far the happiest band in the world. Indie folk-pop trio comprising brothers Michael and Carsten Kolster and a third penguin, Bo Feierskov who've been playing together since 1983.

Song: Leave or Stay

Artist: Joe Gil, Los Angeles

Album: Leave or Stay (single), 2010

Notes: Terrific chorus on a lost single from two years ago by indie-pop folkster who is an architecture graduate from the University of Southern California with no formal music training. Check him out:

Song: Everything Has Changed

Artist: Taylor Swift with Ed Sheeran, Reading, PA

Album: Red, 2012

Notes: Co-written by the pair, Country music's hottest star in unlikely but winning unison with the emerging British songwriter (who was first showcased on L&F over a year ago with 'The A Team').

Song: Made Up Of

Artist: Barnaby Bright, New York

Album: The Longest Day, 2012

Notes: Blissful confessional folk-pop balladry by the married couple of Rebecca and Nathan Bliss. Hard working pair performing on average some 200 shows a year and logging up 40,000+ miles around the world. Well worth witnessing their stripped down peaceful brand of music in concert - dates always posted at

Song: Wish You Were Here

Artist: Delta Goodrem, Australia

Album: Child of the Universe, 2012

Notes: Too sad for words (and perhaps destined to become a new anthem for the loved ones of veterans lost in the fog of war) Written by the Aussie chanteuse about the loss a lifelong friend, a young man named Liam O'Flaherty who died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 24. Already a notable hit back home and a standout moment on her fourth CD.

Song: Millennium

Artist: Robbie Williams, England

Album: I've Been Expecting You, 1998

Notes: 007-laced UK smash from the cheeky British popster, but couldn't catch a cold in the US. A household name in ever corner of the world - except on these shores - he's sold nearly 60 million records around the globe to date His label spent a fortune trying to break him over here a few years ago (but only Emily Boldon was listening).

Song: I Get Up

Artist: Quiet Hounds, Athens, GA

Album: Magaphona EP, 2012

Notes: Perhaps borrowing a couple of piano chords from Billy Joel's 'My Life' but a nice horns bridge on this fine rumbler. A deliberately mysterious outfit, an alt-rock quintet based in Athens, GA which wears masks to hide their faces. More at

Song: Good Days Bad Days

Artist: Richard Butler, England

Album: Richard Butler, 2006

Notes: Outstanding lost nugget from lead singer of the Psychedelic Furs, from his superbly crafted eponymous solo debut album which was described by the British newspaper, The Guardian, as 'an unexpected triumph'.

Song: Golden Brown

Artist: Lady Danville/Stranglers, Westwood, CA/England

Album: Not available

Notes: Fresh acoustic update by the California group of a golden chestnut by the veteran UK New Wavers, melding into the evergreen original by Hugh Cornwell and his chums.