Song: Mr. Rock and Roll

Artist: Amy MacDonald, Scotland

Album: This Is The Life, 2007

Notes: The first single by the talented Scottish lass who wrote the percolating nugget when she was just 18. Amy hails from Bishopbrigg, a wee town in the Scottish highlands. A couple of sterling follow-up folk-pop/rock albums since her booming maiden CD.

Song: Hero

Artist: Family of The Year, Los Angeles

Album: Loma Vista, 2012

Notes: One of the best indie-pop numbers of the year, in danger of being lost. Highly harmonic outing by Welsh brothers Joseph and Sebastian Keefe from their recently issued sophomore album which is bursting with smart hook-filled West Coast indie pop/rock.

Song: Forgotten Town

Artist: Christians, England

Album: The Christians, 1987

Notes: A sorely under-appreciated corker by a soulful British pop rock combo who were around from 1986 through the early '90s. Three brothers in the lineup, Garry, Russell and Roger Christian - though the distinctive lead singer was Henry Priestman.

Song: Back Then

Artist: Citizen Cope, Washington, DC

Album: One Lovely Day, 2012

Notes: Another treat from his ace new album which is his most laid-back outing to date. Real name is Clarence Greenwood, originally a DJ for the DC hip-hop combo, Basehead but went solo around 2000.

Song: I Was Only Joking

Artist: Rod Stewart, England

Album: Footloose & Fancy Free, 1977

Notes: A fab almost 'Layla'-ish guitar solo gracing this lost gem, recorded back in the days when he actually wrote his own songs rather than lazily plundering the great American Songbook. Originally released as a double A-side with the 'Hot Legs' hit.

Song: Nowhere To Run

Artist: Swimwear, Australia

Album: The Kissing Machine EP, 2012

Notes: A fresh dance pop curiosity from an intriguing EP released in February. Based in Sydney, Swimwear is the band name of one chap, Tim Derricourt. Extremely obscure but rather worthwhile: more on him at

Song: Slow Down

Artist: Angela McLuskey, Scotland

Album: Lambeth Palace (Deluxe Version), 2012

Notes: Such an engaging, ethereal vocal delivery on this ballad accompanied by an upright show-hall piano. Angela frequently graces recordings by French combo, Telepopmusik and her own Wild Colonials band.

Song: I'll Be Your Man

Artist: Any Trouble, England

Album: Any Trouble, 1983

Notes: An insistent Modern Rock winner by Clive Gregson and his underrated Any Trouble combo from the early '80s. An L&F exclusive, this cracker can't be bought for love or money. Long since a solo performer, the revered British newspaper, 'The Independent' described Gregson as as fine a singer-songwriter as anyone has a right to expect. He does the lot. More at

Song: Everlasting Kind

Artist: Poco, Los Angeles

Album: Under The Gun, 1980

Notes: Superb close-harmony jangler, pure country rock vocals from some 30+ years ago. Poco came up around the same time and in the same scene as the Eagles, but never quite hit the same heights.

Song: Fire

Artist: Augustana, Greenville, IL

Album: Can't Love, Can't Hurt, 2008

Notes: A tad over two minutes, a lovely lost pearl from their sorely overlooked album. Currently celebrating ten years together, formed at Greenville College by lead singer, Dan Layus - they nearly split up in 2011 but found a way to carry on with a new lineup and are currently completing their fifth album.

Song: It Must Be Love

Artist: Madness, England

Album: Total Madness, 1997

Notes: Why is it that most US radio stations only play 'Our House'? - so much more to the wacky English troupe than that - including this crisp, clipped, cover version of an old 1971 Labi Siffre chestnut. Their 11th studio album, 'Oui Oui Sii Si Ja Ja Da Da' due any day.

Song: Got A Hold On Me

Artist: Christine McVie, England

Album: Christine McVie, 1984

Notes: Rarely played these days, but a delightful outing from the solo canon of the ex-Fleetwood Mac pianist/vocalist. She retired from the Mac in 1998 after 28 years in the seminal lineup, returning to live more quietly in her native country settling down in Kent, England.

Song: Please Don't Go

Artist: Barcelona, Seattle

Album: Absolutes, 2009

Notes: An exceptional ballad, haunting, uncluttered from a remarkable but underrated album. A tight trio of lead singer Brian Fennell, guitarist Chris Bristol and Rhett Stonelake on the skins: more at

Song: Gimme All Your Lovin'

Artist: Long Winters, Seattle

Album: From Sweetheart (various artists compilation), 2010

Notes: Rather clever, a way stripped down treatment of the ZZ Top rock classic by the rather obscure Long Winters (song is a musical orphan from an excellent various artists collection of covers on Starbucks' record label). Performing name of John Roderick.

Song: Going Somewhere

Artist: Gareth Dunlop, N. Ireland

Album: Devil Mocks Me EP, 2011

Notes: Another winner from L&F preferred vendor, the blue-eyed soul tunesmith from Northern Ireland. He's opened for the likes of Jeff Beck, Nanci Griffith and Imelda May - and Snow Patrol have performed his song 'Firefly' in concert.

Song: Now

Artist: So Manys, Nashville

Album: Now, single, 2012 (not available yet)

Notes: Their upcoming single and a promising slice of melodic pop-rock from the duo of Luke Brown and Chuck Butler. Just two albums to date they've only been together for a couple of years, but a sharp exuberant sound. More at

Song: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

Artist: Toni Braxton, Severn, MD

Album: Secrets, 1996

Notes: The sweet soul stirrings of Ms. Braxton with an absolute pearl of a ballad which somehow slipped through the cracks. An impeccable arrangement by (Eric Clapton's chum), Babyface - who also co-wrote this diamond with Toni.

Song: Loaded

Artist: Primal Scream, Scotland

Album: Screamadelica, 1991

Notes: Extraordinary musical stew with a perfect shuffling groove, strong bassline hooks, piano rolls, and loaded horns, gospel vocals, they really threw the kitchen sink at this one. The long-standing and uncompromising Scottish rockers were founded by lead singer Bobby Gillespie in 1982 (he was also briefly the drummer for the Jesus & Mary Chain in the early-'80s).

Song: Tomorrow Begins

Artist: Richard Walters, England

Album: Regret Less, 2012

Notes: Haunting, new music which shouldn't get lost, the art and craft of a British tunesmith described by influential UK rock magazine 'Mojo' a 'something extremely special'. More at

Song: Next To Me

Artist: Em�li Sand�, Scotland

Album: Our Version of Events, 2011

Notes: A rare acoustic treatment of her own original. She was originally set on a career in medicine before thankfully committing to music instead. Already a successful songwriter for other British acts including Leona Lewis and (the overrated Cheryl Cole), but now flying under her own steam.

Song: Go Jetsetter

Artist: Postmarks, Pompano Beach, FL

Album: Memoirs at the End of the World, 2009

Notes: Airy '60s-influenced guitar pop with a nice splash of horns lurking in the background. Combo hails from south Florida, been around for some eight years. More at

Song: Halo

Artist: Cure, England

Album: Join the Dots: B-Sides and Rarities, 1978-2001, 2001

Notes: The lost B-side on the old 45 vinyl release of their evergreen end-of-the-week hit, 'Friday I'm In Love'. if this flip-side was released today by a new alt-rock band they'd be hailed as the saviors of rock - but this was just a throwaway track by Robert Smith and the boys from 1992.

Song: We'll Meet Along The Way

Artist: Hem, New York

Album: Funnel Cloud, 2007

Notes: A tender two-minute treat from the eight-member alternative folk combo, led by the sweet vocal stylings of Sally Ellyson.

Song: Dirty Paws

Artist: of Monsters & Men, Iceland

Album: My Head Is An Animal, 2012

Notes: After two breakout alt-rock hits will the label release the best track from their rock solid debut album? Highly creative six-piece from Iceland who helpfully record entirely in English, fronted by a glorious lead singer, Nanna Hilmarsdottir.

Song: Bottom of the Sea

Artist: Matt Nathanson, Lexington, MA

Album: Modern Love, 2011

Notes: A sweet ditty about a serious eco-topic, the poor state of our oceanic world from top tunesmith Matt's most consistently strong album to date.

Song: Your Love

Artist: Fay Wolf, Los Angeles

Album: Your Love EP, 2012

Notes: A superb reimagining, a live cover of the Outfield's 1986 rock smash, unrecognizably reversioned by Ms. Wolf. A first-rate balladeer, but conversely also a bit of a stand-up comedienne in concert, great sense of humor - a sorely underrated singer-songwriter, pianist who is also a classically-trained actress.

Song: To Protect

Artist: MacKintosh Braun, Portland, OR

Album: Where We Are, 2010

Notes: Electro-pop corker from a grossly overlooked album by the synth pop-rock duo of Ian Mackintosh and Ben Braun.

Song: Chosen One

Artist: One Eskimo, England

Album: One Eskimo, 2010

Notes: One of several cuts from their sterling freshman album which slipped through the cracks. Formed in 2005 and best known for their infectious 'Kandi' hit , group, fronted by the cool vocal stylings of Kristian Leontiou, are polishing off their sophomore set, 'Faster Than Turtles'.

Song: Keep On Walking

Artist: Passenger, England

Album: All The Little Lights, 2012

Notes: Michael Rosenberg aka Passenger with another literate extract from his fabulous recent album. Recently opened on some US Autumn dates for another L&F preferred vendor, Ed Sheeran. More on Mike at

Song: You Shook Me All Night Long

Artist: Jenny Owen Youngs, Montclair, NJ

Album: Not available

Notes: A clever stripped-down recasting of the 1980 AC/DC heavy metal classic by a superb composer in her own right, who has recorded three ace CDs since bowing in 2005.

Song: Too Happy

Artist: Tracey Thorn, England

Album: A Distant Shore, 1982

Notes: Too sad for words, a couple unable to communicate effectively through their ups and downs, trying to cope with a relationship heading south, turning molehills into mountains. A plaintive acoustic gem recorded at the very beginning of her career before she formed EBTG with Ben Watt.

Song: Do You Love Me

Artist: Amanda Jenssen, Sweden

Album: Killing My Darlings, 2008

Notes: Percolating pop/soul gem by Swedish chanteuse (sounding similar to Amy Winehouse). Just 24 years old, she frequently collaborates with songwriter/producer Peter Bjorn (from the Peter Bjorn and John indie-rock duo).

Song: Undiscovered

Artist: James Morrison, England

Album: Undiscovered, 2007

Notes: First class blue-eyed soul from English singer-songwriter James Catchpole - who chooses to use his middle name as a surname when performing. None of his superb 15 singles to date has yet cracked the Billboard Hot 100 - criminal.

Song: World Without End

Artist: A.A. Bondy, Birmingham, AL

Album: American Hearts, 2007

Notes: A quiet lost gem from a minimalist folk tunesmith originally from Alabama. Former lead singer and guitarist with Verbena, he's cut a solo path since 2007. More at

Song: The Heart of Saturday Night

Artist: Keith Harkin/Tom Waits, N. Ireland

Album: Keith Harkin, 2012

Notes: A reverential update by Belfast chappie, Keith Harkin of an old Tom Waits chestnut, seamlessly segued into the gruff but timeless original by Sir Tom from his seminal album of the same name.